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What do I do?

The title on my business card is "Store Coordinator"... so what do I do?

I analyse inventory turns and order products for stock, and place special orders for products that customers request. In this role, I get to price products to whatever I like (well, it's a science), meet with vendors, attend tradeshows, attend webinars, and get lots of free product samples. I keep up with technology developments and bring in products that fit well in the post-secondary education market.

Inventory Manager
I coordinate weekly inventory counts to ensure that our actual stock numbers are the same as our system inventory numbers. I investigate any discrepancies, which could include recounting, going through sales invoices, checking for system count errors, and going through security camera footages.

Database Administrator (CIO)
I maintain and expand the functionalities of our home-made point-of-sales/inventory/accounting/shipping&receiving system, mPOSS, which is built using FileMaker. I also periodically optimize the system to enhance performance.

Network/Systems Administrator (CTO)
I build and maintain our Mac-based IT infrastructure, including setting up new staff and demo computers and servers, creating and testing backups, imaging systems, managing user accounts, and maintaining the security of our network.

Signage Coordinator
I coordinate the creation of and sometimes create new signage for products we sell. These signage have a consistent look-and-feel, which gives a sense of branding of the Store. I also get free posters and banners from vendors, and I put them up where space allows.

Marketing Coordinator
I create in-store handouts and pricelists, using Pages, part of the Apple iWork suite. I also work with vendors to find ways to market their products in the Store and throughout the University's three campuses, and coordinate newspaper/magazine ad campaigns. Recently, we have started experimenting with social media like FaceBook and Twitter. All of these involve negotiating marketing funds and demo units.

I created and maintain the Store's website. I keep it updated with product information, promotions, and prices. Very soon we'll have an online store as well!

Entertainment Programmer
I create, coordinate the creation, and obtain creative materials for the Store's plasma TV. The media content shown on this TV showcases the products and services available at the Store. Content needs to be refreshed regularly, and choreographed such that staff members will not get bored sitting in front of it all day.

Business Analyst (COO)
I support my managers by offering ideas on how to expand our business and increase revenue, while reducing costs and improving the efficiency of our operation. I also update the Store's layout and product placements from time-to-time to excite customers and encourage them to check out new products at the Store.

I provide comprehensive training to new staff that join the Store, and on-going training to veteran staff to improve product knowledge and customer service. Comprehensive training includes product knowledge, using our point-of-sales system, sales skills, body language skills, cash handling skills, understanding the Freedom of Information / Protection of Privacy (FOIPOP) Act, and proper lifting posture.

Technical Sales Consultant
I help out on the sales floor and in the post office when the Store gets busy with a lot of customers, or when we're short-staffed due to lunch breaks, vacations, and illness. I recommend products to customers, do consultations, configure customized systems, and conduct transactions. Working on the sales floor allow me to "lead by example."

Shipper and Receiver
I run the Store's shipping and receiving department when our Shipper/Receiver is away due to illness or attendance at professional development opportunities. Incoming products are received and sorted according to stock items or special orders, and outgoing products are labelled and sorted according to pickup location or direct delivery by courier.

Accounting Clerk
I process vendor invoices and perform end-of-day operations when our Accounting Clerk is away, or if she's overwhelmed with work during critical times of the year (e.g. fiscal year end).

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