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Reference Letters

Wendy Yu (2007)
Vice Principal, Citadel Middle School

Erika Nahm (2004)
Manager, Volunteer Services, citysoup.ca

Melody Ferrer (2002)
Teacher-Librarian, Port Moody Secondary School

Paddy French (2002)
Vice Principal, Port Moody Secondary School

Sheryl Gray (2002)
Recreation Programmer, City of Port Moody

Gerrit Keizer (2002)
Teacher, Port Moody Secondary School

Judy McConnell (2002)
Teacher-Librarian, Port Moody Secondary School


English Media

02/06/2002: Few misses and a lot of hits for Moody Secondary's new eZine (The Coquitlam Now)

06/11/2002: CCF Youth Awards (The Vancouver Sun)

06/12/2002: Johnson & Jackson & the PMSS image (The Tri-City News)

Chinese Media

05/15/2002: 20青年角逐優秀獎 (Mingpao Daily)

06/06/2002: 七學子獲優秀少青獎 (Mingpao Daily)

06/06/2002: 溫情基金頒優秀獎 • 鼓勵少青發揮才能 (Singtao Daily)

07/2002: 愛心溫情基金會優秀青少年獎勵計劃 • 表揚社區優秀青年德智體群美 (Popular Lifestyle & Entertainment Magazine)

11/2003: 愛心溫情基金會 • 優秀青少年獎接受報名 (Popular Lifestyle & Entertainment Magazine)

12/2003: 愛心溫情基金會 • 少年好榜樣、社會新動樑 (Singtao Daily)


University Graduation

Dogwood certificate Honours  

Secondary School Graduation, Career Prep, and Scholarships

Dogwood certificate Honours James Moore signed
Christy Clark signed District Scholarship - PMSS District Scholarhip - SD43
 Scholarship - MLA Career Prep completion  

Skills Canada Competitions

1st Place regional 1st Place provincial Certificate of Recognition - BC
Photo with Shirley Bond and Deputy Education Minister Photo in front of the BC legislature building  
Congrats from the government of BC Congrats from the assistant superintendent of schools Congrats from the board of school trustees

CCF Community Care Foundation

CCF Youth Awards 2002 - Winner of Science and Technology Award CCF Youth Award Letter Picture from the Vancouver Sun


RCM Grade 1 with Distinction Yamaha Electone Grade 7A  
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