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I like to design websites and explore new web technologies. To help me do that I run a web server at home so that I can try new stuff and build my own applications.

I've played the Yamaha Electone® since six years old. Electone® is Yamaha's trademark for electronic organ. The Electone® is simply the best muscial instrument in the world, as only one performer is needed to perform a piece that has the feel of a 100+ performers orchestra!

Because of the low popularity of the Electone® here in Canada, and the high prices of the Electone®, in 2002 I decided to learn pop piano instead. However, I still enjoy playing the Electone® more than I enjoy playing the piano (acoustic or digital).

I took concert band at school during grades 9 and 10, and I played alto saxophone (because there was no Electone® at the school) .

I didn't take physical education in grades 11 and 12 as it wasn't mandatory. However, after two years without regular exercise, I was in poor physical shape and I often got sick. Therefore, when I started university, I decided to exercise regularly to enhance my fitness level, and to watch my diet. Right now, I lift weights everyday I have school, and bike and/or run twice per week. In the summer, I enjoy playing tennis as my cardio workout. As for my diet, I try to eat low fat foods all the time. I usually have a bowl of Kellogg's Vector® cereal with skim milk and yogurt for breakfast, and then a light meal every 2-3 hours thereafter until bedtime. Bodybuilding supplements didn't help me much (maybe I wasn't taking enough?), so I'm not wasting money on them anymore.

Hanging Out
Yes! I love hanging out with my friends. Whether we're having a meal, going out for a drink, shopping, watching a movie, chatting, walking, etc., I enjoy the time that we're spending together.

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